Thanks to the help of numerous partners, adidas EQT is back in the limelight, thus bringing about the return of many a fan-favorite silhouette. This isn’t quite the case with their next project, however, which enlists the expertise of solebox. Together, both the retailer and adidas Consortium are dressing the previously unreleased EQT Proto in a racing suit inspired colorway, calling back to to the shoe’s original name.


Both by way of aesthetics and material, the shoe references an era many years past. Yellowed, see-through cages cover much of the exterior, its color treatment a reflection of the suits now many years old. Underneath, a more pristine arrangement of grey and white neutrals run replete throughout the upper, dressing translucent synthetics, canvas, and suede panels. Reflective accents and pops of red are then used more sparingly elsewhere as a symbol of the sport’s adrenaline and speed.

Limited to 300 pairs, the collaboration is packaged to resemble a model car, its simple, luxurious exterior encased behind see-through film and a graphic-adorned box. What’s more, every 10th customer will be treated to an actual model car with their purchase.

Enjoy a close-up look via the imagery below and expect a release to hit and the boutique’s physical locations on October 23rd.

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Nike ZOOM Freak 3 EP G5sneaker Top 1 Eur39=BR37

Nike ZOOM Freak 3 EP G5sneaker Top 1 Eur39=BR37

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Nike Assassin 14th SG Soccer Shoes

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Nike Air Max 270

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